We work together with teams to help them to work smarter with Mindjet MindManager.

We do this by conducting and developing (tailored) training, development of (custom) add-ins and templates, providing guidance in large scale deployment of licenses, offering support in Dutch and English.

We have been active since 2002 as a training-, technology- and value added reselling-partner of Mindjet. Our trainers are certified by Mindjet. We collaborate with Academy of Minds, are partners in World of Minds and experts for Hypershifters. Because we have lots of experience in using MindManager, we also supply livemindmappers for Connection of Minds and are partners at Biggerplate.

Work Smarter Every Day with MindManager

  • Work from your Personal Dashboard map with daily goals
  • Work with task lists and prioritising tasks using Eisenhower Quadrants
  • Facilitate the start of the day meeting before, during and after the meeting

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Work Smarter Every Week with MindManager

  • Facilitate your Weekly Reflection from your Personal Dashboard
  • Prepare a new project using the 5W+H approach
  • Define follow-up actions via Mindjet Tasks

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Work Smarter Every Quarter with MindManager

  • Facilitate your quarterly reflection from your Personal Dashboard
  • Use existing goal setting methods such as OGSM and OKR’s in combination with MindManager
  • Facilitate lean elements (Kata, Kaizen) using interactive MindManager dashboard maps

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